About Us

Company Background

newsmaster.com.ng is an online media company engaged in Consultancy, Printing and Publishing. The company believes in efficient, honest and qualitative service to the customer. Using the latest technology and employing self-motivated workers, the company’s objective is to grow steadily into a world class, integrated communication company.

The company believes that its workers are the most valuable and dependable asset, to meet the challenges of its objectives. While the company will strive to create a congenial and harmonious working environment, offer equal opportunity for advancement and reward workers as appropriate, it will also demand dedication to service and loyalty from employees.


Corporate Social Responsibility

This scheme is part of the Company’s area of Corporate Social Responsibility intervention, the aim is to empower emerging entrepreneurs with business ideas but having financial constrained.

The Company nominates a team to visit and inspect whether there is judicious utilization of the first payments of the award for the awardees to be entitled to the second installment.

As part of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme area of intervention, funds are approved to buy and distribute welfare items to orphanages, ranging from food items, toiletries, laundries etc.


The following areas of intervention are currently under consideration:
1.    Women and youth empowerment through engagement of experts on vocational training and liaison with vocational schools and institutions and other relevant stakeholders to reduce menace of unemployment in the North.
2.    Identify a particular disease and provide assistance to its patients and championing enlightenment campaign to its causes and cure.
3.    Emergency relief intervention


The Vision:

A world class media company that earns public trust.

Mission Statement:

To disseminate credible information for the good of all stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Editorial integrity
  • Ethical conduct
  • Professionalism
  • Constant Innovation
  • Production Excellence
  • Market Driven
  • National Unity & African Brotherhood
  • world Peace & Sustainable Development